A Modern Fairytale: Eskisehir

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As a city located in the heart of Anatolia, Eskisehir has always been a step ahead when compared to other cities in Turkey with its cultural and social activities. The main reason is the University located in Eskisehir which brings many benefits that put Eskisehir amongst European cities. Once you see its beautiful parks, bridges, gondolas, statues and bike paths you will feel much like home.

Eskisehir’s friendly atmosphere and family friendly environment turns the city into a modern fairytale.

Every Child’s Dream Come True: Sazova Park

The Sazova Park is based on a three thousand and three hundred square meters of green land. You can find a fairytale castle, pirate ship, science centre, space house (planetarium), open air science experiment toys and animal-shaped slides filled which are all worth seeing.

The park can also be seen as a local Disneyland. It is possible to go round the park with a train, see fairytale characters walking around the enchanting Once Upon a Time Street. There is also a special space located for pirates; The Pirate ship shows the everyday life of a pirate. Aye Aye Captian!

The Porsuk Creek

Enjoy a small Esbot tour or get to experience the Porsuk Creek in a beautiful gondola. It will be a calm tour when you need to just sit back and relax. You can find some amazing café’s too along the way. With its newly opened 3rd wave coffee shops and some local cafes, Eskisehir has much to offer.

Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Museum

The Yılmaz Buyukersen Wax Museum is known to be the first museum which opened its doors to wax figures. Before Madame Tussauds which is located in Istanbul, if you wanted to see local and foreign famous figures, this was the place to be! Yılmaz Buyukersen donated 160 figures to the Metropolitan Municipality of Eskişehir.

How To Get To Eskişehir

Getting to Eskisehir is very easy from Istanbul. It will take around 4 hours by car and 2,5 hours if you wish to travel by the high-speed rail from Pendik.

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