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Secrets of Istanbul

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This city will charm you with its history and hidden treasures.
Have a chance to see the major attraction of Sultanahmet area in a different way!
Take part in the stroies of these monuments.
As you journey into an unforgettable adventure.

You will first visit Hippodrome where was the sporting and social centre of Byzantine Empire’s Istanbul, Constantinople to see the famous monuments such as Egyptian obelisk.

Just near by the Hippodrome you will visit the Blue Mosque (or The Sultan Ahmed Mosque). It is so named for the many blue tiles that decorate the interior and is impressive for its overwhelming size, majesty, and splendor. There are 260 stained glass windows and over 21,000 handmade ceramic tiles on the walls.

After seeing this amazing place, you will see one of those Architectural Wonders of the Middle Ages, Hagia Sophia* and hear many interesting stories about its architecture and mosaics.And then you will have a chance to visit the Tombs of Sultans.

The tour continues with a walk on Divanyolu. On the way, you will also see the Million stone which was considered as the center of the world during the Byzantine era, a tiny mosque, Firuzağa and the backstreets of the old city. Right after that visit, have a unique experience in Basilica cistern and amaze with its incredible atmosphere.

At the end of the tour, by visiting the Karavanserai where the traders were staying overnight with their horses and camels. And then you will go and explore the historical Grand bazaar’s spectacular shops and make some shopping from the first shopping mall in the world’s history.

* Please note that Hagia Sophia is closed on Mondays, replaced with The Topkapı Palace. Grand Bazaar is closed on Sundays, replaced with Spice Market or Arasta Bazaar.

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