How To Be A Vegan or Vegetarian In Istanbul

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If you are a vegan or vegetarian life can be a bit hard while travelling to a different country. However, with the right kind of guidance, you can get the chance to visit the best restaurants in town!
Below you can find some of the vegan and vegetarian restaurants which you can visit during your stay in Istanbul.


This place is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Istanbul. It also has a reputation for its delicious dishes as well. It is quite close to Taksim Square, located in Kurabiye Street. The back yard of this restaurant will make you forget you’re in Istanbul; it has a very cute and peaceful environment. You can find many dishes in the vegetarian version. The vegetarian lasagne is a must try dish. After the main course, don’t skip the desserts, they are extremely tasty.


This small and cute restaurant is just across the road from Zencefil. The actual restaurant is smaller when compared to Zencefil, but their menu is very rich. If you have a non-vegetarian friend with you, they will enjoy these vegetarian dishes too.

3-Bi Nevi

Karakoy is the shining star of Istanbul at the moment. With its 3rd wave coffee shops, small restaurants and nightlife, it is the number 1 location for all visitors. Here, you can find one of a kind, vegan desserts and other vegan dishes. This restaurant in Karakoy was so successful that the second branch has opened in Etiler.

4-Tight Aggressive

Tight Aggressive is a small vegan restaurant and much more… It is also an art gallery, studio and design shop based in Kadikoy. You can catch some free events here as well, as said before; it’s much more than a restaurant.

5- Mahatma Café

If you are looking for somewhere cosy and less expensive you can visit this corner shop in Kadikoy. With a warm welcome and a huge smile, you’ll fall in love with this place in no time.

6-Ek Bic Ye İc

This restaurant in Taksim encourages their visitors not only to consume but to produce and share. This is no ordinary restaurant. So if you are looking for something new Ek Bic Ye İc will be an experience much like visiting a farm. You can make your own mix salads and wraps, mix different herbal teas. The best part is, the ingredients are all organic and fresh.

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